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 Bond and Vogue

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Bond and Vogue was created out of a passion for fashion, beauty and seeing women look and feel beautiful no matter what season she is in or what roles she has.

Many times we’ve heard women say how weird it was to not be pregnant anymore and specially how it’s all about the baby. How many times have you stood in front of your closet not knowing what to wear because, well what’s suitable to breastfeed in, what will fit, and when you’re done with the breastfeeding season, asking yourself what you can wear when running after a toddler? Or how about not having time anymore to do a complete makeup session in the morning, not knowing where to start in the first place because well all those sleepless nights are leaving their marks and anyway your not the youngest anymore either so…

Let’s change all that! To the young mom, the mom who simply wants to not just enjoy her babies every moments but her own too. The one who takes selfies with her kids and looks back on it thinking she looks gorgeous. For the one who wants to take care of herself too and Bond and Vogue wants to giver her full attention!

So really, this is about us, about going on a journey of reconcialiation with ourselves, our bodies, our own beauty and owning it; and it’s about striving to be kinder to planet earth aswell. And although we might not have all the means to it yet, our makeup products are mainly non ethical and our clothes come mostly from sweatshops, we want to make a change, slow and steady.

Let’s make the change we want to see together!