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Casual Chic Makeup Look

A touch of red

If you have a date later on the day and you know you need to leave early afternoon: which means rush hour with the kids; you know you want a makeup look that’s decent. You want to be ready before chaos starts and you don’t want to walk the street already looking like a party tigress of the night! So “casual chic” it is, something decent, matt on the eyes and just a touch of red on the lips!

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  • Disha

    I love casual makeup looks! I love a pop of red, also. I feel like it finishes the look and adds something fun without going overboard. 🙂

    • Bond and Vogue

      Totally! and the great think with this looks is that you can choose a different color for your lips which will make a more or less dramatic look!

      • Katerina

        That’s a lovely, fresh and quick look!
        I liked the way you’ve applied mascara! Never thought or seen before! It does make sense and it looks fuller. I’ll definitely try it!
        Thanks 😊

        • Bond and Vogue

          I’m so happy that you got a tip out of something I did unconsciously! the best! thank you for giving your feedback Katerina! have a lovely day :*

  • Nicki

    This look is so classic and stunning. I am really interested in the lip colour, it’s a real change from traditional creamy lipstick.

    • Bond and Vogue

      Hey Nicki! I’m so happy you like this look! the lipstick is from Astor called “perfect stay” in the color 101 Charming Rose, you can wear it with balm or without and the color won’t smudge or leave a read border on your lips!

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