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  • DIY coconut deodorant
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    DIY Coconut Deo

    A simple and go to recipe to take care of your armpits! A few weeks ago, more like almost 3 months ago, we gave you a recipe for a Spray Deo. This was three months ago because this is how long that deodorant has lasted! Now, with that one finising we wanted to try a more solid and creamer one. And that is how we have come up with this one! As we bluntly refuse to add any fuss to our lives, we decided for a very simple recipe! Here’s what you need: 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil, you can get this one here. 1/4 Cup Baking Soda, we used this…

  • nomakeupmakeup
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    Easy How To “no makeup” Makeup Tutorial

    Summer ready! Summer is nearly here and well, we don’t want to wear too much makeup but still want to look fresh right!? Here’s a great makeup tutorial for a “no makeup” Makup look with mostly powder products! It’s less then 10 minutes, all you need during the family rush hour! Leave a comment! Did you like this video? or do you have any feedback! We’d love to hear it!

  • casualchicmakeup
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    Casual Chic Makeup Look

    A touch of red If you have a date later on the day and you know you need to leave early afternoon: which means rush hour with the kids; you know you want a makeup look that’s decent. You want to be ready before chaos starts and you don’t want to walk the street already looking like a party tigress of the night! So “casual chic” it is, something decent, matt on the eyes and just a touch of red on the lips! Leave a comment! Let us know what you thought of this video and leave a comment below, don’t forget to share!

  • quickandeasymakeuproutine
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    Quick and easy day makeup

    MOM LOOK #1 We all know this struggle: the “getting ready in the morning battlefield” with time pressure and kids helping -or not to get ready. You need fixing from your “bed-face” but a quick one and pronto! Enjoy the following video for some inspiration, no chatter, just a “to the point” kinda thing! Any Feedback? Leave us a comment below about the video!

  • brushes
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    Eyebrow essentials

    Beginner friendly brow products It’s no news: eyebrows are the new IT thing when it comes to doing your makeup right! Here you can have a look at our eyebrow tutorial and how to apply the famous eyebrow shaping universal guideline that will help you create the perfect shaped eyebrows for your gorgeous face. To help you figuring out where to start on the products and brushes we’ve made a video to show just a few of what’s on the market, have fun watching! Any feedback? Was this video helpful? We would love to know what your current or favourite eyebrow must have is!? Leave us a comment below!

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    Eyebrow Tutorial

    How to shape your eyebrows like a pro using the universal guideline. Eyebrows have become a must when it comes to makeup or just even look awake and groomed. No time for a long makeup routine in the morning? no worries, just do your brows, a little bit of eye makeup and you’re good to go! And if you do have time for a proper makeup session, shaped eyebrows are the perfect finish. The universal eyebrow shaping guideline Now when it comes to our eyebrows, there is no “one style fits all”, your eyebrows need to enhance your face and that is why the universal eyebrow shaping guideline is the…