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Eyebrow Tutorial

How to shape your eyebrows like a pro using the universal guideline.

Eyebrows have become a must when it comes to makeup or just even look awake and groomed. No time for a long makeup routine in the morning? no worries, just do your brows, a little bit of eye makeup and you’re good to go! And if you do have time for a proper makeup session, shaped eyebrows are the perfect finish.

The universal eyebrow shaping guideline

Now when it comes to our eyebrows, there is no “one style fits all”, your eyebrows need to enhance your face and that is why the universal eyebrow shaping guideline is the way to go. This professional technique adjusts the brow following your facial features, to achieve perfectly defined eyebrows just for you have a look at the following video and become a pro on how to shape, measure and line your eyebrows up!

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