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High Heel Protectors

Confident on heels everywhere!

The wedding season has started and out with those beloved high heels, but wait, the reception is outside with a gravel covered ground and the pictures will be taken in the park, in other words a walk through grass. And if the weather isn’t kind that will definitely mean sinking in. Ladies those days are over! May we present to you a life changing little accessory: The high protector!

They come in different forms, round with some kind of a platform looking sole, more in a narrow form fitting to the heel itself or in what we will call the “horse shoe look”

Not only do they protect your heel or keep you from sinking in grass they also give you great stability to walk, which will make you have that confident walk through grass and gravel! Not to mention the discreet walk they provide! All in all, this product is just genius!

We have listed three different types but of course there are more designs out there, these are our top three choice and we’ve been able to test the round platformed ones! we love them!


All picture credits to the respectful brands: Solemates, Heelbopps and Heelsabove.

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