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Trendy Ethical Swimsuit ’19

Our special selection of ethical swimsuits for Mom.

Summer is right around the corner and if you are a tiny bit like us, which is: really excited about this!! Then you’re probably starting to think about what your swimsuit could look like. Of course, it has to be something fitting, you don’t just want to be in the heat, you want to BE hot!

Whatever you body shape, and well we all know and understand that after having had some kiddies, some things simply aren’t the same anymore so we just have to adjust some little things when we think about nudish closing. We’ve made a small selection for you, our favorite swimsuit models and prints, and ETHICAL non the less!

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Picture credits go to ASOS and NORDSTROM.

Just click on the swimsuit of your liking and you’ll be redirected to it’s original page. We applaud ASOS for offering such a wide range of ethical swimwear, you can even selecte them by choosing the “responsible button. All Swimsuits are available in different sizes and the ASOS PETITE model is also available in white!

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